ENVISIONS of ESAUREN ENTERPRISES        Gloria R. Hartwell C.E.O - Ministry Through Counseling Therapy and The Written Word
Submission Requirements
At Torch Light Publishing, we believe your work is just that—your work.
We believe that you should reach as many people with your message while making money from your project. You retain all rights to your manuscript.
Each of our authors is fully involved in the production process of their book. We want your input and feedback on things like the cover design and the editing process.
We will help with the marketing of your books. Provide guidance on setting up book signing events, media coverage and book reviews.Besides releasing your book as a traditional paper book, we can provide assistance in other formats as well (i.e. ebooks).
Torch Light Publishing is not a vanity press. We do not take on every project that is submitted.
We are interested in the potential in every author. However, with the amount of resources needed to pour into each project, we have to be selective with the works we choose.
We want your book to be a success!
Here's a good measurement of whether your book will be one we wish to publish:
1) It presents some new insight or new approach.
2) It is well organized and has an almost melodic tone in it's presentation.
3) It is innovative, insightful and may be out of the box.
4) It aligns with the views of this company.
The types of works we publish are:
1) Inspirational/Spiritual Books
2) Contemporary Fiction
3) Children’s Stories
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