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Christian Love
What If?
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Is Love Overrated?
Being Forgiven, How Well Do You Receive?


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Keep It Movin'

Keep Moving
... or walking. Mary Mary are singing a contemporary gospel song now, where they refrain "I'm walking."  When I think of "walking," for me it means...'on water'. Many of you know that I'm currently working on a book of inspiration as well as a sequel to my first novel. In my musings, I consider many things (of course). If I am to keep walking, I have to keep my focus and trust in God. I have to believe the things in his word to be true, therefore, not believing what I see or hear because those things can be an illusion or distracting.

Is Love Overrated?

Love, is it overrated? 
Two years ago, I stated “I would fall in love again.” As a widow of several years, I thought it would be a nice thing and believed my heart was open to receive love again.  But love has yet to come.  Actually, I don’t know what it would look like.  Having lived a single life for many years, I don’t desire to share my living space and I’m quite protective of my time.  I’ve done so much soul work or so I think, that I run at the slightest whiff or hint of an unhealthy relationship (my definition of course).

Trusting God

Good Morning, The sun has risen again.  As a daytime federal employee, I am grateful to God that the government did not shut down.  Certainly, it was very unsettling and even frustrating especially knowing how adversely some of us would be impacted.  What I'm most grateful for is that I was able to flow in the "whatever."  I've discovered that there's hardly anything that we ourselves actually control and even less that is about us.  I decided that I wouldn't worry or panic, but walk in faith.

Being Free

I Seek To be Well, Joyful And Free!!!
Today is a glorious day, despite the rain (somewhere, it's very much needed). I'm grateful that God has seen fit to allow me another day of life - utterly glorious... I have been blessed to write a novel (my passionate desire), which I pray blesses, inspires or sets someone free. It's been a wonderful journey so far, from the time of the launch on January 15th, 2010, until now. I've attended conferences as both a presenter and exhibiter. It has been an absolutely wonderful experience so far, with meeting new people, sharing ideas and opportunities.

Esauren Speaks

It's Esauren, author of "Tahitian Pearl (from the gritty dune to an oasis in the Sun)."  I'm working on the sequel to Tahitian Pearl and am also working on a book of inspiration.  This space will be used to keep you informed and share my musings.
Thanks to all who encourage and support me.  I pray you and your families are outrageously blessed!!!
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