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"What Kind of Lover Are You?"
Being Forgiven, How Well Do You Receive?
What If?
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Christian Love
What If?
Working On The Tahitian Pearl Sequel Story Line
Is Love Overrated?
Being Forgiven, How Well Do You Receive?


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April 2011

Esauren's "Tahitian Pearl" Available on Kindle and Nook

Are you reading my novel "Tahitian Pearl (from the gritty dune to an oasis in the Sun)?" It's available both on Kindle and Nook.  Share your thoughts with me once you've read it and any ideas you have for the sequel, which I'm working on.
Have a God Blessed Day - Make it OUTSTANDING

Being Left Behind

Today, I realized that I pretty much like being left alone, but interestingly enough, I discovered, I don't like being left behind...hmmmm! Can anyone relate or are you wondering, what on earth is she talking about?

What Is Your Passion?

No greater love has any man, that he would give up his life for a friend. This is the weekend that many Christians celebrate the resurrection of the living Christ, others celebrate Easter, with bunnies and colored eggs. Having recently traveled to Israel, The Holy Land and walked the Via Deloroso, it is with a renewed spirit and heart of gratitude that I observe this time. But I ask, what is your passion, would you surrender your life for the life of another? Would you allow your old self, with the old unproductive and unprofitable habits to die so that your soul could truly live?


I could lament today, but in God's word, it says "this is the day The Lord has made, rejoice and be glad. So, I shall...today and always. I am so grateful for the amazing life The Lord has given me.  No, I don't have all that I desire (I could lose a pound or two), haven't been everywhere I want to go, but I have been to some really amazing places and everyone and everything doesn't always cooperate with me, but that's all okay.  I am loved beyond measure and watched over so very carefully by God, Most High, my CREATOR. So, lament...I don't think so. REJOICE and give THANKS - Oh Yeah, for today is THANKSGIVING!!!

Keep It Movin'

Keep Moving
... or walking. Mary Mary are singing a contemporary gospel song now, where they refrain "I'm walking."  When I think of "walking," for me it means...'on water'. Many of you know that I'm currently working on a book of inspiration as well as a sequel to my first novel. In my musings, I consider many things (of course). If I am to keep walking, I have to keep my focus and trust in God. I have to believe the things in his word to be true, therefore, not believing what I see or hear because those things can be an illusion or distracting.
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