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Working On The Tahitian Pearl Sequel Story Line

Okay, for those of you who have read "Tahitian Pearl," Lucky, The Don Dada has come to his senses and realizes the mistake he's made by leaving his wife Jade for a younger woman and is making attempts to win her back.  In the sequel, he will step up his game, with no holds barred.  If you were Jade, could you take him back, would you take him back?  One reader shared with me that she wouldn't read the sequel if Jade allowed Lucky to come back "it's sending the wrong message."  Writing from a place of inspiration, I think on some level, there can be forgiveness and restoration - I want to see them  both set free and love winning.  If you were Jade, how would you handle Lucky's attempts to win you back?  Let me hear from you.

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Shakina on Monday, May 9, 2011 3:11 PM
I guess I have mixed feelings in regards to letting him come back because I took my ex-husband back twice, the last time after we were legally divorced. So I will say that "wining and dining" and putting on a good front doesn't mean anything if he is only taking her back because the "young thang" wasn't stable and as soon as he gets back home and comfortable, he will take advantage. Let us all understand that there is LIFE after that man! I won't say that I would not read the sequel if there was a reunion, I'll just say that it sends the same message as other books..."the same old, same old story line..."
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Esauren on Monday, May 9, 2011 3:33 PM
I would agree that the same message as other books might be sent, if in fact there was just the reunion because the "young thang" wasn't stable, but just as there is life after that man, there can still be life after that man - with that man. I think we all too quickly, discard people because they hurt us and that's valid. But there has to be a glimmer of a redemptive spirit in order for love to win. Everyone makes mistakes and we all hurt people. I don't want to see Jade and Lucky reunite and that's all there is to it. I want to see the hard work it takes for them to come to a place where they've grown both in themselves and in relationship. I want to see that healthy love can be had once the disease is removed. I want to see someone love strong for a change, how about that? Certainly, Jade can go her own way and not entertain anything Lucky has to say, and she might even do that, but really I think, if God, Most High, is allowed to work in their hearts and their situation, they can be reunited and quite frankly, that wouldn't be the same old story line, because it would demonstrate redemption and we as a people aren't redemptive, even though we like to say and think we are.
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MIss C on Monday, May 9, 2011 7:44 PM
I agree with Esauren. If they can remove the dis-ease and work together to build a healthy relationship. They will be better for it. A good,strong,healthy, loving relationship takes WORK! I believe we move on to new relationships so easily because the work is daunting. I am interested in reading the sequel regardless of which storyline is developed. Peace & Blessings
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Nancy on Wednesday, May 11, 2011 8:50 AM
I have a different take on how this story should move forward. Jade should take Lucky back. Let Lucky realize what a great thing he had with Jade and let him start to truly appreciate what Jade brings to the relationship. Then Jade should take control of the relationship and play that man for all that he is worth emotionally. Let him see what it is like to have his heart broken and to not have what is truly important to him. Let his redemption be found in learning the hardest life lesson there is, you cannot truly be happy without the person you love, loving you back.
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